The society

The primary purpose of Start is to help promote, develop and spread contemporary art to lay a solid foundation for the future. Through its collaboration with other Institutes and Institutions, the company offers prestigious venues to organize its own exhibition event and seeks to make every activity and every artistic experience an opportunity for cultural innovation, overlapping of languages and experimentation.
Society is therefore an interactive center where convergence and mixing and reproducing the most diverse forms of expressiveness, productivity and creation will be converged, in order to convey such content and experiences to international culture.
Start’s mission is to bring the audience’s attention and criticism to the individual artist to enhance his training and exhibition path, as well as to be a communication tool for spreading the messages of individual works.


Founders: Daniele Radini Tedeschi and Stefania Pieralice
Managing Director: Simone Pieralice
Direction: The leader is Dr. Stefania Pieralice who, in collaboration with prominent scholars and art critics, evaluates the ideas and feasibility of each initiative by treating the presentation of the various exhibition projects.
Administrative Division: Gennaro Perri and Marco Pellegrini
Project and Exhibit Office: The manager is Simone Pieralice who, together with a team of professionals, carries out the work necessary to manage and set up exhibitions at all stages: assembly, insurance, transportation.
Press and Communication Office: The head of the office is Alfredo Maria Fidani, the office guarantees coverage of events on both national and national printed media, thanks to collaborations with external press offices specific to the various press areas.
Editorial and Graphic Division: coordinated by Giuseppe Scirocco, thanks to this division, catalogs of exhibitions or volumes of various cultural initiatives are made together with authors and curators from the beginning of the project to the press. Since 2017, the company has been working closely with one of the most important national publishers, De Agostini Editore.
General Secretariat and Marketing: The manager is Maria Luciani.
Stage and Internships: To gain experience within the company, Start srls offers the opportunity to collaborate in cultural events and exhibit projects for students / art critics / graduates in literary or artistic disciplines. Responsible Maria Soldati.
Legal Office: Responsible Attorney Antonella Pedone.
Web and Social: web master manager Gabriele Pistoia.


Start is a company specializing in the organization, production, and organization of contemporary art exhibitions at national and international level through a highly qualified team of experts. The company develops an exhibition project with the most prestigious industry professionals to offer prestigious and effective service to the public and art criticism. The society organizes: personal exhibitions, collective exhibitions, fashion, designed, publishing. The society also carries out individual services such as campaigns above and below the line, press office services, communication, graphics, exhibit design, critical reviews, critical presentations, image curator of the individual artist.